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The Young Researchers’ Network

The Young Researchers’ Network is an initiative developed in the framework of the European Democracy Hub and EPD’s Women and Youth in Democracy WYDE Civic Engagement project, supported by the European Union.

Making young people’s voices heard is essential to ensure sustainability and representativeness of democratic systems across all generations. To gain a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of youth-related issues  it’s crucial to position young people as the best-suited participants for research on youth political participation, as these issues have a direct impact on them and their peers.

To do so, the Young Researchers’ Network initiative is bringing together a diverse group of international young scholars and democracy support practitioners to foster cross-regional and cross-disciplinary exchanges on the topic of youth participation in democracies across the world. 

12 selected young researchers will follow a three-year programme supported by the Youth Democracy Cohort. They will have the opportunity to exchange and learn from scholars, policy makers and the themes  of Youth Participation, Civic Engagement and Democracy. Under the initiative, young researchers will produce a collection of case studies that will be published on the European Democracy Hub website

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