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Stories about Youth Participation

The second Summit for Democracy has given a prominent place to youth civic and political participation, but there is still significant work to be done to engage governments in proactively and tangibly addressing and prioritizing youth-related concerns

To do this… we’ve found nothing better than to ask several organisations to share their know-how on ways to improve Youth Participation in Public Affairs. This series of videos was shot during the last Democracy Summit in Costa Rica and Zambia in March 2023.

🎥 Fist episode on Youth Participation success stories 🌟
The Youth Democracy Cohort is proud and happy to present the first video on Youth Participation. For this first episode, we asked these organisations to share something they are proud of.
(about the work they are doing on Youth Participation, obviously)
When we say inspiring, we're not lying 🤩.
And what are you proud of❓

✋ Unlocking Youth voices & paths to active participation: for this 2nd episode on Youth Participation, the Youth Democracy Cohort asked young advocates how to improve Participation in Public Affairs.
And you, how would you do❓
🎥The most “important” commitment a State could (should) make to improve Youth Participation❓
Seven youth advocates from around the world share their insights 🚀
These talented Youth campaigners kindly shared with us what inspire them to work on Youth participation and democracy support 🚀
🚀Empowering the Future: Inspiring Youth Engagement in Public Affairs.


Maxwell Dlamini, Lemi Gemechu Beyene, Aisha Dabo, Alfa Diallo, Abner Abisaid Brito Ferrera, Maria Fernelly Aroch, Merveille Gozo, Gracia Grande, Samson Itodo, Stephania Mialy, Daniela Montero, Zipporah Ndione, Willice Onyango, Aparicio Saravia Padern, Carlos Eduardo Palomo Sosa, Camila Pia Gonzalez Rodriguez, Henintsoa Rakoto Harison, Andrew Songa and Nestor Ventura.

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💭 Composed by the Youth Democracy Cohort