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Who is a member of the YDC

The co-leadership group includes the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), AfricTivistes, EDYN, International IDEA, the European Commission, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Culture and Youth, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Nepal’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Youth Council (NYC), the National Planning Commission (NPC), and the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE). These organisations play a pivotal role in advancing Youth political participation and actively shape the Youth Democracy Cohort into a key player in this field.

YDC in Costa Rica
YDC in Zambia
YDC in Costa Rica

The leading group of the Youth Democracy Cohort is joined by more than 250 other diverse organisations from around the world:

  • the governments of USA and Denmark,
  • Democracy support organisations,
  • NGOs such as Juventud Lac, NDI, IRI, IFES, Accountability Lab,
  • Grass roots organisations,
  • Less formal platforms such as Jeunes et Engagés in Madagascar,
  • Woman support organisations like Roajelf,
  • Youth parliaments like the Youth leadership Parliament of Ghana, Youth National Council of Nepal.

… and the list goes on 😎.