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Conquista Joven: Prioritising Youth Civic and Political Participation

The cycle of talks will continue in November with a forum for 18-35 year olds and will culminate in December with an event that will bring together the participants of both forums. In addition, they will seek to democratise information through virtual classes with experts open to the general public.  read more

Summit For Democracy plans unveiled

In summary, the third Summit for Democracy is poised to be a consequential event, placing a strong emphasis on safeguarding democratic principles for future generations. read more

BBYDI launched the “Office of the Citizens Toolkits”

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) is a youth-led non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening civic freedoms, youth entrepreneurship, and good governance in Nigeria. The organisation was granted by the Youth Democracy Cohort to advocate on the Menu on Possible Commitments and is currently working on two accountability […] read more

Celebrating One Year of Empowerment: The Youth Democracy Cohort’s Journey

As we mark the first anniversary of the Youth Democracy Cohort, a powerful narrative of empowerment, engagement, and change comes to life. Over the past year, this innovative initiative has embarked on a remarkable journey, championing the voices of young individuals and shaping the course of democracy. With a constellation of key events and accomplishments, this year has been nothing short of transformative. read more

#IYD23 – Empower and engage the youth

We want states to consider Youth as an opportunity rather than a problem and invest more in good quality education in order to favour, in the long term, young people's capacity development and involvement in public affairs. read more

The EU-LAC Forum: Partners in choice for youth-driven change

‘‘We reaffirm that by working together as sovereign partners, we are stronger and better placed to face the multiple crises and challenges of our times.’’ – Declaration of the EU-CELAC summit 2023 The motto of the EU-LAC Forum, “Partners in Change,” resonated deeply with us. It provided […] read more

Call for Young & Committed Artist 🖌️

We are looking for a young artist who can create 20 illustrations (vector images) for each story to be published online. An extension of The “Youth Participation Handbook” has been published online, and, in the related paper, the second “handbook” will have a fully digital approach. Accordingly, we are looking for an illustrator who can translate the success stories written by young activists into images to be used online. read more

Strengthening youth engagement

Beyond the Summit for Democracy The second Summit for Democracy held at the end of March offered the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and their willingness to advance democratic ideals and address the challenges our democracy faces to 120 governments. One of the key highlights of this global […] read more

The democratic renewal at the center of the Summit for Democracy in Africa

Contributing to creating better societies not only FOR, but together WITH young generations in Africa. With 54 nations, each with their own unique cultures, languages, and forms of governance, Africa has one thread that ties these nations together: the need for democratic renewal.  There is much debate […] read more