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Call for Young & Committed Artist 🖌️

The Youth Democracy Cohort is looking for an artist to illustrate stories of young people participating meaningfully and positively impacting democracy support. This project continues the Youth Participation Handbook published in March 2023. These stories demonstrate efficient initiatives worth replicating or scaling up for positive change in democracy support.

🔎 Overview of the call

We are looking for a young artist who can create 20 illustrations (vector images) for each story to be published online. An extension of The “Youth Participation Handbook” has been published online, and, in the related paper, the second “handbook” will have a fully digital approach. Accordingly, we are looking for an illustrator who can translate the success stories written by young activists into images to be used online.

The artist will create one illustration/cover image per story for 20 stories (so, 20 images in total.) The objective of this task is to have visual consistency and be visually catchy for our youth audience!

🤹🏽 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Digital Illustrator and Animator Designer
  • Young artists aged between 18 and 35
  • Artists from all countries are welcome to apply

✏️ How to apply: 

Expressions of interest are to be submitted by the 6th of August to [email protected] and must include:

  • A drawing portfolio (PDF document or online)
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A financial proposal
  • An email explaining how you will give graphic substance to the various illustrations and how you will make the images tell the story of the activism carried out by our young activists.


The deadline to send your application is the 6th of August by 2PM CEST with the Subject “Call for Artist – application – NAME / LASTNAME” in the subject line.

The selection process will take place in August, and short-listed artists will be contacted via email during the week of the 21st of August. The selection process is managed by a jury of organisations from the European Partnership for Democracy (for the Youth Democracy Cohort) and others. A criteria grid is defined upstream to ensure that the choice of artist is as objective as possible.