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Explore Stories of Democracy in Action and dive into the Youth Democracy Cohort interactive map

In a world where voices of the Youth are more critical than ever, the Youth Democracy Cohort decided to work on an interactive map to showcase initiatives and stories at the intersection of youth engagement and democracy.  Developed thanks to the collaboration of organisations active in democracy support, this map is a testament to the incredible work being done to advocate for youth inclusion and meaningful participation in civic life. 

What to Expect on the Map: 

  • 46 Meaningful Youth Stories: Immerse yourself in the narratives of inspiring stories, initiatives that have actively participated in democracy, creating positive impacts in their communities. These contributions reflect the varied ways in which youth are shaping the future of civic engagement. 
  • Navigate through a diverse range of projects spearheaded by organisations passionate about empowering Youth. From grassroots movements to innovative campaigns, these initiatives serve as beacons of change, driving progress in democracy support. 
  • Focus on what matters: This interactive map has filters that allow you to display content on a specific topic so that you can explore relevant content (youth activism, youth participation, etc.) 

Explore the Youth Democracy Map and embark on a journey that transcends borders and cultures. Click on a marker to learn about a specific project or dive into the success stories that showcase the power of Youth voices.  

Join Us in Celebrating Youth-Led Democracy

More than just a collection of pins and stories, the map is a living mosaic of change-makers, a testament to the belief that every voice, regardless of age, can shape the future of democracy. Join us in celebrating the dedication, innovation, and resilience of the youth involved in these initiatives. Share your thoughts and experiences on social media using #YouthDemocracyMap and together, let’s navigate the landscape of youth-led democracy and inspire a new generation of changemakers.