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Menu of Possible Commitments

Meant to help prioritise, facilitate and enhance youth civic and political participation, the Menu of Possible Commitments serves 33 actionable points and specific recommendations for participating government to adopt as commitments, reforms, and initiatives to improve youth rights and participation in their national contexts. These possible commitments were developed through a consultative process involving democracy support organisations, youth representatives, and youth-focused organisations worldwide.


33 POSSIBLE COMMITMENTS FOR YOUTH 👉 Dive into the ‘Menu of Possible Commitments’ by sliding below and explore ways to Empower Youth in Civic and Political engagement.

The Menu of Possible Commitment for Participating States was officially launched on 28th of February 2023 during the pre-Summit for Democracy – Global Democracy Coalition Forum in Brussels.

Share these commitment models, use them as an inspiration to create your own menu of possible commitments tailored to your reality and context, or as a gauge to assess the situation in your country or region of interest. And contact us, the Youth Democracy Cohort member organisations are helping each other in this effort

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Illustration from Olga Capdevilla for the Youth Democracy Cohort