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Join the #YouthInAction campaign

From February until March 2024, the Youth Democracy Cohort will actively communicate to call on global decision-makers to commit concretely and efficiently to improve youth political rights and participation at all levels. As a roadmap to empower youth in civic and political engagement, we believe the Menu of Possible Commitments is the right way to bring positive change and create an inclusive, democratic future for all.

Be part of #YouthInAction  

This is how you and/or your organisation can be part of the #YouthInAction campaign and contribute to better engage and empower Youth around the world :

  • Join us in this journey: you can actively contribute to the #YouthInAction campaign on your channels by spreading the word on social media and invite governments to take action.
  • Pick & choose: Choose a commitment from the Menu you want to push on and pick the card that corresponds to it. Share a post on social media, expressing your wish for your government to act on and encouraging others to join.
  • Inspire with quotes from Youth Campaigners by posting these cards on your channels. You can download them here (zipfile with images).

Please tag the Youth Democracy Cohort and use the #YouthInAction hashtag so we can share your posts to our platform:

Take the commitment to the next level

You/your organisation are/is already working to improve Youth Political Participation and you would like to form a partnership with the Youth Democracy Cohort. Get in touch with us!

Take me to the Menu of Possible Commitments page!