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Third Summit for Democracy: a future without youth representation?

With the theme of Democracy for Future Generations, the third Summit for Democracy promised to place a strong emphasis on the place of youth in our political systems. There were strong signs from this year’s organisers, the Republic of Korea, that this year’s event could breach the […] read more

Empowering Youth in Democracy: Join the YDC Statement

As the world grapples with complex challenges, the importance of inclusive and representative democracies has never been clearer. Yet, for too long, young people have been marginalised from political processes, their voices often unheard and their concerns overlooked. Along a 100 civil society and inter-governmental organisations, the […] read more

#YouthInAction – Promoting a Culture of Youth Political Participation

Ahead of the third edition of the Summit for Democracy,  the Youth Democracy Cohort (YDC) relaunches the Menu of Possible Commitments to garner momentum for greater improvement of youth political participation rights. In the next weeks, join us in celebrating how youth-led initiatives can benefit our democracies […] read more

Summit For Democracy plans unveiled

In summary, the third Summit for Democracy is poised to be a consequential event, placing a strong emphasis on safeguarding democratic principles for future generations. read more

Celebrating One Year of Empowerment: The Youth Democracy Cohort’s Journey

As we mark the first anniversary of the Youth Democracy Cohort, a powerful narrative of empowerment, engagement, and change comes to life. Over the past year, this innovative initiative has embarked on a remarkable journey, championing the voices of young individuals and shaping the course of democracy. With a constellation of key events and accomplishments, this year has been nothing short of transformative. read more

#IYD23 – Empower and engage the youth

We want states to consider Youth as an opportunity rather than a problem and invest more in good quality education in order to favour, in the long term, young people's capacity development and involvement in public affairs. read more