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#IYD23 – Empower and engage the youth

To the leaders and policymakers of our nations, we, the young voices from the Youth Democracy Cohort, come together today with a shared purpose and unwavering determination. We call for action, urging you to empower and engage the youth. 

Governments must recognize and prioritize youth inclusion and participation in decision-making. How?

Here are the recommendations that we want to address.

  1. Amplify Youth Voice and Participation: We call upon governments to recognize the invaluable contribution of young people in shaping the policies and decisions that affect our lives. 
  2. Economic Empowerment and Job Opportunities: Youth unemployment continues to be a pressing issue in many parts of the world. Governments should prioritize the creation of decent job opportunities for young people, fostering entrepreneurship, and supporting innovative startups. 
  3. Quality Education for All: Education is the cornerstone of progress and development. Governments must prioritize investment in quality education that is accessible, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of diverse learners. 

We want states to consider Youth as an opportunity rather than a problem and invest more in good quality education in order to favour, in the long term, young people’s capacity development and involvement in public affairs.

Together, we can create a future where youth inclusion is not just a goal but a reality.