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Summit For Democracy plans unveiled

Mark your calendars for March 2024, as the third Summit for Democracy is set to make a profound impact with its central theme of “Democracy for Future Generations.” Insights from a recent panel session during the International Democracy Day Brussels conference have unveiled the Summit’s direction, giving us a glimpse into its theme, structure, and pivotal elements.

Coordinated by esteemed partners, including the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP), and Carnegie Europe, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Unpacking the theme and subthemes

At the core of the third Summit lies the overarching theme of “Democracy for Future Generations.” This theme encapsulates five initial subthemes:

1. Technological Advances: Delving into democracy, digitalization, and anti-corruption.
2. Investment in Future Generations: Underlining the significance of forward-thinking policies.
3. Promotion of Youth Participation: Especially focusing on girls’ involvement in democratic spaces.
4. Media and Empowerment of Women in Media: Emphasizing media’s role in bolstering democracy and women’s participation.
5. Domestic and Global Partnerships: Concentrating on future generations and collaborations with the Global South.

The Summit’s date and format

Set over three days, the Summit will incorporate plenary sessions and engagements with diverse stakeholders. Within the plenary session, expect five sessions featuring keynote speakers. Although the co-hosting countries have yet to be disclosed, each one will be responsible for presenting outcomes from their regional plenaries. The primary objective of the plenary session is to draft a declaration on democracy tailored for future generations.

A dedicated Summit website and youth engagement

One exciting prospect on the horizon is the creation of a dedicated Summit website. This platform will serve as a hub for communication with the public and stakeholders, providing a space for reports and recommendations to be disseminated. South Korea is looking to leverage its culture and prosperity to showcase how democracy can be realized through cultural events, with a special focus on engaging the youth. An innovative step involves appointing a young pop star as an ambassador for democracy, aiming to captivate and connect with diverse audiences, especially the younger generation.

Elevated role of Democracy Cohorts

A notable evolution for the third Summit is the enhanced role of Democracy Cohorts. Comprising a diverse array of stakeholders, including governments, civil society, and the private sector, the 16 cohorts will be divided into five groups, aligning with the previously mentioned subthemes. Each group will engage in discussions and generate reports replete with recommendations. These outcomes will then be presented at the plenary session by representatives from each cohort.

It is undeniable that this 2023 edition of the Summit has given a prominent place to youth civic and political participation, especially by making it the central theme of the event in Costa Rica. Despite some progress in creating space for youth, there is still significant work to be done…

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Posted on May 15, 2023

Pondering the future of the Summit for Democracy

While some uncertainties shroud the Summit’s future, conversations are already underway about establishing a steering group. This group is expected to comprise both previous and current co-host countries, fostering knowledge exchange and insights. They will deliberate on the trajectory of future Summits. Furthermore, an intriguing proposal involves hosting cultural side events during the Summit and appointing a young luminary as a democracy envoy, an initiative aimed at enhancing the Summit’s appeal and reach.

Empowering Youth for a Democratic Future 

Given the paramount significance of youth and their active involvement in shaping the democratic landscape for generations to come, the Youth Democracy Cohort stands ready to play a pivotal role in the organisation of this forthcoming summit. With a resolute commitment to ensuring that young voices are not only heard but actively integrated into every facet of the event, the Youth Democracy Cohort wants to represent a driving force for change. Our dedication to fostering youth participation and championing their perspectives underscores the summit’s commitment to the principles of inclusivity and democratic engagement. As the summit approaches, we can eagerly anticipate the invaluable contributions and fresh insights that young leaders will bring to the table, making this event a true testament to the vitality of democracy for future generations.

In summary, the third Summit for Democracy is poised to be a consequential event, placing a strong emphasis on safeguarding democratic principles for future generations. With its diverse thematic focus, amplified role of Democracy Cohorts, and innovative approaches to engaging youth, it aspires to promote inclusivity and dynamic discourse. As the Summit’s date draws near, anticipate additional details and developments that will underscore its significance for anyone invested in the future of democracy.