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BBYDI launched the “Office of the Citizens Toolkits”

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) is a youth-led non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening civic freedoms, youth entrepreneurship, and good governance in Nigeria.

The organisation was granted by the Youth Democracy Cohort to advocate on the Menu on Possible Commitments and is currently working on two accountability tools:

  • YouthGovtracka
  • and the Office of the Citizen toolkit.

The Goal? Bridging the gap between the elected officials and citizens by empowering citizens with the knowledge to hold their representative accountable. And, through this, promote the culture of youth participation in Nigeria where young people are informed, engaged, and actively participate in the political process.

The Office of the Citizens Toolkits created and shared and translated into local languages such as Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo to provide citizens with necessary information on how to take action within the ambit of the law and engage elected officials for improved governance. Click on the image to download the toolkit 👇

We work to create a society where national culture is rooted in good governance and social responsibility.

Olasupo Abideen, founder of Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI)